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Does This Describe You Today?
You’ve never felt particularly good at selling yourself and struggle to find a system that feels good and works for you.

You are GREAT at what you do, but you didn’t think the sales part would be so hard and it shakes your confidence.  You secretly question whether you can actually make a go of this.

Instead, think of a different scenario. 
What if you were sitting at your desk today with conversations scheduled that you looked forward to having.  You know ahead of time, what questions you are going to ask and more importantly, how you are going to provide great value for your prospective client. 
The conversations are casual, easy, and experience now tells you that you’ll likely get 3 clients out of your 4 calls today.  
Your results are predictable.  

You don’t have to worry where the next client will come from, you have plenty of clients lined up and even clients waiting for you.
The relationships you have built are so genuine, that you don’t worry about being turned down, or getting the “I’m going to think about it.”  Next month’s revenue projections look great.

 Matter of fact, this is going to your best year yet.

You’ve finally found your own natural way of selling that works for you and it feels really good.  You understand what you need to help your prospective clients experience , but the real difference was made when you began to to identify your prospects Intrinsic Motivations.

You need 3 simple Tools To Succeed in Creating Consistency In Your Revenue:
How to Discover Intrinsic Buying Motivators
  • Video Training
  • Training Worksheets
  • Video Transcripts
The Power of Micro Action Commitments
  • Video Training
  • Training Worksheets
  • Video Transcripts
How to Identify and Tap into Buyers Emotions
  • Video Training
  • Training Worksheets
  • Video Transcripts
Intrinsic Buying Motivators, what are they?
These are the real reasons people decide to buy.  It's different for everyone and deeply personal.  If you can identify this with your clients, you'll have their trust.
Why do I need micro action commitments?
Action commitments engage your prospects in the buying process so you are not the one putting in all the work. This keeps YOU top of mind, and eliminates REJECTION.
Overcoming objections is salesy feeling, isn't that pushy?
I'm talking about getting to what's behind the objection, so you can understand what the concerns, fears, and doubts really are and address them honestly.
Meet Chris Spurvey
Chris is an an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, podcast host and author of the best-selling business book It’s Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set

His work has been featured in many major media outlets, including Forbes, LinkedIn and Inc. He has spoken to entrepreneurs throughout North America, on how to leverage their unique ability to sell.

He spearheaded the growth of a consulting company to the point that it was acquired by KPMG, one of the world’s the big-4 consulting companies. He has sold over $300 million in consulting services and has worked with hundreds of consultants in their efforts to find a steady flow of ideal clients.. 

But sales did not always come naturally to him. 

His story in his own words is below...

Matter of fact, I was miserable at sales in the beginning of my career. I resisted what I knew was right and instead tried to sell aggressively in a way that was not me.  

This is what happened...

I was going to the offices of a key account contact. I was told in advance that the contact was ex-military and had no time for bull shit.

I was nervous. But, I practised my 'elevator pitch' and thought I had myself put together. When I walked into his office he must have immediately detected my weakness because within 10 minutes he kicked me out and told me to leave my brochures on the desk. 

It was at that moment that I realized to be successful at sales really the place I need to study is psychology.

Within 4 weeks of that brutal experience where he kicked me out of his office I was so deep in a relationship with him that we were meeting on Fridays after work for beer. 

I grew that account into the largest account for our company.
When I was in my early teenage years I watched my Dad who had spent his entire career up to that point standing behind a printing press. He had within him the desire to be more so he jumped out into a more customer facing role within a small printing company.

I watched as he struggled to balance the demands of the company with his personal desire to be a customer champion. I watched him age as the pressure and stress of serving two masters took hold of him.
So, the image of sales did not have a great energy for me early in my career.

However, as I began my own career I began to observe successful entrepreneurs and business executives. I began to see the correlation between their success and their ability to treat clients well. Sales was a product of how they conducted themselves. They attracted clients.

When I jumped into sales full bore however, the old image of sales began to crop up. I submersed myself in books and literature about intrusive marketing techniques like cold calling and always be closing mindsets. I knew deep down that this did not resonate with how I would like to be sold to but I thought that was what I had to do.

I turned my ability to sell around. 
So can you.

You have to find your natural connection with people
and leverage it.

I can show you how.

Meet My Clients That Have Grown Their Businesses With Confidence .
“Chris Spurvey helped me immensely in identifying the unique value in my business, how to articulate it passionately to potential clients. This was the key to having more productive sales conversations and feeling better about sales in general. I will be forever grateful for his insightful guidance as I learned more about the art of sales, from a human to human perspective. Chris’ unique and genuine approach, coupled with his invaluable tips and techniques made it more comfortable for me to sell. I am proud to say that I have experienced an unprecedented level of growth in my business as a direct result of my work with Chris, and the others within my cohort.”  
Craig Noonan, President & CEO Integrity Sport
"Relationships are the core of client work, especially when managing complex issues for clients or navigating challenging campaigns for a greater good. Recently, I had the great fortunate to work with Chris Spurvey and learn about successful selling strategies. Chris program is truly different: it teaches students to apply value, authenticity and an innovative touch to their approaching to sharing their story... the end is win for both clients and business leaders, entrepreneurs or owners: it provides a common platform and understanding that can successfully define a relationship." 
Karen Moores, Managing Director Town Group of Companies
“Every salesman is the same” – my thoughts, before I met Chris. His ability to analyze my business and provide objective, honest feedback was amazing. After enrolling in Chris’s program, I have completely changed the way I interact with prospective clients. His generosity and willingness to help you succeed is a quality that I thought was lost in the world. 
Karan Nijhawan, Owner
I took Chris Spurvey’s program so that I could learn to convert my networking and marketing efforts into sales. The program taught me the psychology of the buying process and how to promote my products and services without being a sleazy and pushy salesman. 
Aaron Burton, Owner 
Unconventional Oil and Gas Training
“In an age of technology we are more connected than ever, yet becoming more and more disconnected with our client needs. Chris teaches you the importance of building strong and lasting client relationships through what he calls 'human to human selling'. Chris delivers a brilliant program not only for the content he delivers, but also for the one on one direction he provides entrepreneurs and businesses wanting to accelerate their sales. Personally, his program has truly been a game changer!”
David Chesney
Owner, RootClarity
Calvin Simpson, Owner

Earned $16,000 in revenue on one phone call.
Andrew King, Owner

Confidence with his approach to sales went through the roof.

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